Prof Mike Jenner
University of Sydney Business School


Difficult conversations are inevitable in any organisation. Very often issues can be resolved easily if leaders know how to communicate effectively to eliminate conflicts instead of dodging a challenging conversation.

This programme provides you with an opportunity to learn practical skills and apply them immediately to manage all types of difficult conversations effectively to achieve desired goals.


"It helps me to gain my self-confidence in dealing and managing conflicts."

"Lots of practical examples & role play practice. Rooms / psychological safety to make mistakes, with immediate feedback & supportive peers."

"This has helped me lots. Realised most of the time, I don’t do active listening. Now I understand about the important of active listening and to set a clear expectation."

"I like lots of practical examples & role-play practice."

"It gets everyone involved throughout the entire exercise – never a boring moment."

"This program actually encourages and motivates us to value a relationship, knowing the unexpected and the way to manage the unexpected and the expectation."