Roy Chua


The business environment today is increasingly global and diverse. This increased diversity presents both challenges as well as opportunities for business leaders and executives. Diversity stemming from differences in race, gender, nationality, religion and culture often creates tensions for managers and employees. Many of these tensions can be highly destabilizing for the individuals involved and undermine individual and organizational performance. To attract, hire and retain a diverse workforce and more importantly, reaping the benefits of this diversity in a sustainable manner, require the organization and its leaders to adopt key strategies and best practices to deal with the associated challenges. This highly interactive 2-day workshop aims to provide research-based insights and knowledge on how leaders can more effectively lead globally diverse teams, implement change across cultures, exercise personal and organizational leadership when dealing with a diverse workforce and values conflicts. The program also provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on best practices in successful diversity and inclusion initiatives and how to manage values conflicts. 


"Reflecting on the cases presented. Internalizing with personal experiences – auditing personal stands and values."

"Appreciate and learnt from sharing by other participants."

"Think & see things from an angle that I may not be likely to take."

"Different case study with actual scenario providing different insights and solutions."

"Engaging and interacting. Leads on to make suggestions.Interesting & challenging in constantly to look at things from different perspectives."

"Prof Roy is a very good facilitator. Kudos"

"Speaker is able to analyze a problem at its core issue."