Professor Michael C. Jenner


A well-managed team has enormous capacity to drive organizational progress, yet leading and managing a high performing team can be an exhilarating or exasperating experience and is one of the most complex challenges confronting any leader.

But truly effective teams rarely just happen. Todays’ effective and high performing teams need not only members with technical competency and intelligence, but a team which is built on a shared vision, trust, commitment, accountability, candid conversations and collaboration. A leader that manages the intricacies of these team dynamics well can drive an organization to achieve breakthrough results and sustain team performance over time.


I am engaged most of the time, not even a single chance to reply my office email.

Very interactive, very informative and practical.

The adaptation to real work situations.

This program gives me an open mind about the value of my team, their role and my role, mindset, feedback communication and other tools needed to managing and leading the teams.

How the instructor interacted with all the participants and rather than having a big crowd choosing a small group. Because of this it was easy to grasp things.

This program has allowed me to go back to my workplace and implement what I have waiting to do all this while to create a winning team.

The tutor instructed in a loud and clear manner which makes it easier to understand. The task was worthwhile and related.

Well delivered. Clear instruction. Excellent activities. Mike is an excellent speaker

Thank you for an incredible two-day program that fell too short. Ahead of the tools and techniques provided I am even more grateful for the reminder that my choice makes the difference in impacting lives.

TQ to Prof Mike who is so knowledgeable and inspiring in his teaching!

Lovin’ it