Prof Mike Jenner
University of Sydney Business School


Transform yourself into a people’s leader who can motivate teams to achieve high performance.

This programme provides you with a deeper understanding of best practice team behaviour and experiential exercises to learn the intricacies and complexities in managing team dynamics confidently to enhance your team’s effectiveness.


"I like the ways (elements, secret recipe etc.) being executed. All participants stayed & engaged for the 2-day course."

"Clear presentation of clear concepts. Apart from learning something new about abstract concepts, I get to learn more about myself which is important."

"A lot of energy, powerful team exercises and excellent trainers."

"I like the practical tips and how each of the actions are to be taken."

"A lot of practical exercise which is fun. Doesn’t bore you throughout the 2-days. A lot of re-emphasize of knowledge so that we can remember. Like the time spent to explain further when unclear."

"Learning through experience exercise makes learning easier and effective."

"Packed with activities. Feels professional. I particularly like the "picture" activity."