Leadership 3.0: Separating the Winners and Losers in the Age of Disruption

Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
October 3, 2018

If Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos were to target your industry for disruption, would your leadership team have the necessary skills to compete for your company to survive? To thrive?

If your answer is “No”, it is not your fault. The “leadership operating systems” running our companies are based on outdated assumptions that have not been upgraded in any comprehensive way to match the potential of the sophisticated new tools, technologies and business models coming on line today. These technical and economic innovations have the power to change literally everything in our relationships with customers, competitors, collaborators, suppliers and everyone else in our business ecosystems – all at high speed in the most complex environment imaginable: real-time intimacy, ultra-personalization, extreme flexibility, and total transparency.

Our companies are not designed for this. Frankly, our leaders are not designed for this. Yet, we depend on our leaders to guide us where we need to go. The question then becomes: how do leaders know what to do in this strange new world?

The answers currently provided in leadership development programs do not provide any source of competitive advantage today: if Jeff Bezos targeted your industry, will delegating more save you? Being better team players? Being mindful? Being a crack negotiator? These useful tools are necessary but very insufficient unless they are used in the service of the right leadership operating system – we call that Leadership 3.0


It encouraged discourse on ideas, question about our preparedness for the future!

Learned a lot about leadership. Particularly about master skills and deadly blindfolds and how to deal with them. Practical solutions.

Learn new things about leadership especially the 6 blindfold that I can totally relate and apply my organisation.

The expertise of the facilitator and her ability to consolidate real-life experience with theory/advice.

Value for money workshops.