Professor Michael C Jenner
University of Sydney Business School


The ability to develop the skills and abilities of others is a key leadership skill and a fundamental role of a manager. In today’s competitive environment, managers are constantly under pressure to get the best out of people on a continuous basis for organisational performance improvement and one way to achieve this is through effective coaching and mentoring of individuals to help them learn new skills, make better decisions and facilitate their career growth.  


"I learned a lot about different types of coaching style & clear understanding of action to be taken to implement at my workplace.”

"Structured in a simple, straight forward manner. Easy to digest. Plenty of activities to demonstrate how to apply what we’ve learned.”

"The practical experience & group assessment was great.”

"Very interactive! Challenges participant to move out of their comfort zone. Feedback is regular and constructive. Practical, not too much of theory.”

"Very enthusiastic and effective at drawing people out.”