Professor Herman B. Leonard
Harvard Business School

Harvard Kennedy School

Mastering the Marketing - Innovation Nexus
4 - 5 August, 2016

Innovation and Marketing are inextricably interrelated, with each both driving, and being driven by, the other. New products, promotion programs and pricing strategies all require fresh, creative thinking to win in competitive markets. This program covers the role of innovation in every aspect of a firm’s marketing process.

Professor David B. Godes
Smith School of Business

Advanced 3-D Negotiation
15 - 16 August, 2016

Effective management requires the ability to negotiate valuable and sustainable agreements among parties with different interests and views - both inside and outside the organizations. Learn to master the concepts and tools that will help you achieve remarkable negotiating results with the "3-D Negotiating" approach.

Ron S. Fortgang
Principal, Lax Sebenius, LLC

Fellow, Negotiation Roundtable
Harvard Business School

Leadership in Crisis Situations: Preparation for and Response to Rapidly-Evolving Events
11 November, 2016

Crisis situations are intrinsically chaotic, confusing, and highly stressful. In ordinary emergencies, there are people who have experience and training to help resolve the challenges, but in true emergencies there are unusual and little-understood elements that may depart from prior experience and thus confound prior planning. How can we best organize ourselves during the times of either routine emergencies or true crisis to make the best possible progress? And what can we do in advance of the next emergency that will make it more likely that we will be able to manage it as effectively as we reasonably can?

Premier Business Management Program
1 - 12 August, 2016

Business leaders today are confronted with unprecedented challenges to deliver results in an increasingly complex, volatile and rapidly changing environment.
To be successful now and in the future, leaders need to understand the dynamics at play in an ever-changing business environment, develop and implement effective strategies for competitive advantage, and at the same time lead collaboratively and innovatively to improve bottom line performance and create value for their organizations.

This program is designed to equip senior executives with the knowledge and tools to help them drive performance and move the organization to the next level. 

Leading and Managing Teams
23 - 24 May, 2016

A well-managed team has enormous capacity to drive organizational progress, yet leading and managing a team is one of the most complex challenges confronting any leader. Building an effective team requires not only members with intelligence and competency but a team which is built on a shared vision, trust, commitment, accountability, candid conversations and collaboration. How should a leader manage these team dynamics?

Professor Michael C. Jenner
University of Sydney Business School

Professor Michael C. Jenner
University of Sydney Business School

Managing Difficult Conversations
25 - 26 May, 2016

Difficult conversations are inevitable in any organization and can occur at any time with colleagues and subordinates over any issues. The ability to navigate difficult conversations successfully is one of the cornerstones of effective leadership that distinguishes great people leaders from ineffective ones. How should a leader manage a challenging conversation situation?

Competing in a Digital World
20 - 21 April, 2016

In a world that is very fast changing and unpredictable, many of the traditional tools and management strategies have outlived their use and the disruptive influence of technology, in particular, is profoundly changing and rewriting the rules of many businesses. Under such conditions, how should firms make strategic planning relevant and develop shock absorbers to cope with frequent change?

Professor Jeffrey L. Sampler
China Europe International Business School