Delivering Better Feedback

Sunway Clio Hotel, Bandar Sunway
October 8, 2019

We have been told time and time again that feedback is a key driver for individual performance and growth. But in the personal experience of many managers, our attempts at delivering critical feedback often go wrong, eliciting defensiveness and disengagement instead of learning and improvement. Insights from the neuroscience of behaviour change help us to understand why this is the case, and also provide clear recommendations of how to maximise the chance of both giving and receiving critical feedback successfully to create motivation and maximise performance.


I like the reality check on my action that have been demonstrated since long.

Like the role play practice and apply technic via role play model.

I gained valuables strategies in addressing feedback. The activities and practice sections allowed for hands and real time scenario.

It was great session with Prof Anne. Practical content!

We enjoyed the session with Dr Anne. We learned something very practical and plan to practice it as our new `behaviour`.